Adult Mission Program

Faith Church established a three-level adult missions program in 2009.  Since that time, teams have served the Lord in a wide variety of locales and ministries.  Our Level One trips are weekend trips where we work to serve another ministry.  Teams have served at D&D Missionary Homes in St. Petersburg, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and the Orlando Children's Church, among other locations.  These inexpensive trips are designed not only to serve other ministries, but also to introduce the idea of serving on the mission field to people with no prior mission experience. 

Our Level Two trips are typically a week long and involve the crossing of some sort of "hurdle," whether that be a different language, a different culture, etc.  Past teams have served at an orphanage in El Salvador, worked with a church in the Bahamas, done post-Katrina construction work with a church in New Orleans, worked with a children's home in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, etc.  To participate on a Level Two trip, team members go through six weeks of mission training, through which they are trained how to share their faith effectively and how to prepare a devotion, as well as learning about life on the mission field and participating in team-building activities.  Serving on a Level Two mission team is an opportunity open to all adult members and regular attendees of Faith Church.  There is no requirement of any prior mission experience.

Level Three mission trips are available only to those people with prior mission experience.  These trips are designed to be of longer duration and to cross more cultural boundaries.  They may also have significant travel requirements.  Team members participate in six weeks of intensive training, including learning how to write an apologetics paper defending their faith.  Past Level Three teams have traveled to Ukraine to work with a local evangelical church in outreach activities and in teaching English, as well as to Scotland to work with another evangelical church in its outreach to children, youth and adults.


 Mission trips  2017:

  • Puerto Rico. Level  2. Family Mission trip July 2017.
  • Zimbabwe. Level 3. Adult Mission trip. September 2017.


  Contact Andy Black for more information.


Previous Mission Trips

Women's Level Two to Cherokee, NC.  May 2016: A women's only trip which involved the painting of cabins. We had 27 women from Faith and Providence church join us on this mission trip/retreat.

Men's Level Two to Montgomery, AL.  April 2016: A men's only work project involving the renovation of homes for needy families. We worked with House to House (h2h) a ministry that has grown out of the Common Ground Ministry in Montgomery.

Chiang Mai, Thailand: October 2016.  A team of 10 went to Thailand to work alongside our long term missionaries, Art and Ellen Sanborn. The team also ministered to people through evangelism and discipleship in a number of villages, as well as to children in an orphanage.

In May 2015, a team traveled to Seattle, WA to minister to homeless individuals and to teach English to refugees from a number of other countries. The team members ministered to both children and senior citizens at the local community centers, as well as participated in a nursing home ministry.

Missionaries We Support

  • Rev. David Walker
  • Robert & Joyce Hamd (Middle East) - recent newsletter
  • Stephen Kelley (Muslim World)
  • Rev. Matthew Mpofu (Africa)
  • David & Natalie Holsten (Indonesia)
  • The Nugent family in Kenya

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For more information about mission trips, contact Andy Black