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05/03/2015Rev. Matthew Everhard The Warrior-Poet: “Authentic Spirituality”
Sunday Psalms 13
Download 05-03-150_The_Warrior-Poet-_Authentic_Spirituality.mp3
05/10/2015Rev. Matthew Everhard The Warrior-Poet: “Resistance is Futile”The Warrior-Poet: “Resistance is Futile”
Sunday Psalms 139
Download The_Warrior-Poet-_Resistance_is_Futile.mp3
05/17/2015Rev. Matthew Everhard The Warrior-Poet: “Glimpses of the Cross”
Sunday Psalms 22
Download 05-17-15_The_Warrior-Poet-_Glimpses_of_the_Cross.mp3
05/24/2015Rev. Matthew Everhard The Power of the Spirit
Sunday Acts 2:1-13
Download The_Power_of_the_Spirit_Acts_2-1-13_Pastor_Matthew_Everhard_Project.mp3
05/31/2015Rev. Dave Franklin Cries and Praises of Desperate People
Sunday Psalms 69
Download 05-31-15_Cries_and_Praises_of_Desperate_People.mp3
06/07/2015Rev. Matthew Everhard Praise: The Chief Purpose of Life
Sunday Psalms 29
Download 06-07-15_Praise-_The_Chief_Purpose_of_Life.mp3

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