Children's Ministry

Sunday School: Sunday 9-10am

Explore the Bible with various Teachers. The children are taught basic theological lessons about the trinity, church, prayer, sin, obedience and most-importantly the gospel. A variety of teaching methods are used and the children are given opportunities to memorize scripture, interact with each other in a worship setting, worship the Lord in song and pray.

During the summer we follow a different schedule, please call the office for details. 352 796 4969.

Children's Church: Sunday morning

Kindergarten to 4rd Grade meets the second, third, fourth (and fifth) Sunday of the month. The children can have both the simplified biblical lessons that Children's church provides and the familial and corporate worship experience that regular church provides. Children are dismissed into the Double Classroom after the anthem.

If you are interestd in joining us or have any questions feel free to contact our Children's Ministry Director, Sharon Halliday at 352-279-9625.

Download the Faith Kids Courtesy Conduct Code